ADDITIONAL ACCREDITED CONTENT JUST ADDED: Advances in the Management of Acute Hyperkalemia

Fluid and electrolyte disorders are basic management issues for emergency physicians, hospitalists, pharmacists and all healthcare providers on both an acute and chronic basis, yet it is unusual for specific education addressing these issues to be offered beyond the third year of medical school.

Hyperkalemia is a common metabolic problem requiring ongoing management in the chronic care setting. Severe hyperkalemia, with potassium (K) levels ≥ 6.5 mEq/L, can occur and is a potentially life-threatening electrolyte imbalance. Patients with such high levels are often admitted to the hospital and frequently require emergency management with intravenous therapy and may require hemodialysis, incurring significant expense and human resources in the hospital. The goal of this educational activity is to review effective hyperkalemia management strategies, to provide practitioners with information useful in decreasing the incidence of these severe exacerbations, and ultimately reduce the need to manage patients in the hospital setting.

The Hospital Quality Foundation, CE Symmetry and CMEsolutions are excited to launch this innovative, accredited educational activity. We are also proud to partner with the developers of Body Interact to add a robust and exciting case management component to this activity.

We now have two complete sections of content. There is an Acute Hyperkalemia section that now accompanies the Chronic Hyperkalemia content we had made available earlier. We hope you will find both sections to be of value to you in your practice.

Educational Content

We are fortunate to have Dr. Phillip Levy, Dr. Charles Pollack, and Dr. Matthew Weir, all experts in the management of hyperkalemia, to serve as discussants for the online videos and as contributors/authors of the Patient Simulation activity. They provide valuable insights into the management of hyperkalemia in both the emergency medicine and the chronic care setting. Our faculty discussions include a review of appropriate diagnostic methods, treatment options and long-term management strategies. Click the link below to go to the accredited CME/CE content

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Patient Simulation

The Body Interact platform is an extremely realistic and completely adaptive and dynamic, hands-on, immersive, desktop experience that provides medical and nursing professionals a collaborative, life-like platform. Using this model in clinical teaching accelerates critical thinking, under-pressure clinical decision-making, and optimal treatment decisions according to recognized guidelines and best practices in dynamic and challenging cases.

The technology provides problem-based learning in real world contexts, enabling a flexible design of simulation case studies and new dimensions that deliver powerful results to self-directed and collaborative team learning.

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Would you like to have one of our expert faculty members come to your institution or a chapter meeting and provide an interactive discussion on hyperkalemia management? We are excited to offer a limited number of activities where we will send an expert on hyperkalemia management to your location to lead a robust educational discussion on this important topic. There is no cost to your institution or chapter. We can even provide a small grant to be used as you determine is most appropriate. Please click below to complete a request form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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